CCD Registration

Laser Scribing Machine


With the precise positioning requirements for the Laser Scribing process, we have the unique CCD Camera registration system to be integrated with the Laser Scribing Machine. This CCD Camera Lens goes together with the Laser Lens to check 3 reference-target-pattern positions then precisely make the Laser Scribing according to the actual position of the pattern layout.

  • THK Ball Screw Actuator

  • Movement System:Yasukawa Servo Motor  

  • Laser Light:Mirror Reflection

  • Laser Type : Metal/Ceramic Sealed

  • Focus Height:1.5”

  • Laser Cutting Area:550(L) x 595(W)mm

  • Z -axis Electric Movement:50mm

  • Cutting Speed:400 mm/sec (max)

  • CCD Camera Resolution (DPI):4064、2032、1354、1016、812、677 Precision:±0.05mm

  • Repeatability:±0.02mm