Wavelock Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., are involved in the manufacturing and marketing of decorative metallic films. - as next-generation materials in the automotive field for their inherent characteristic of radio wave transparency - that lend themselves to automated driving control technologies, additionally contributing to weight savings for improved fuel consumption and further, can contribute to meeting the environmental regulations in Europe and other countries.

MINO GROUP develop, manufacture, import, sales, screen printing machine and materials. Enlightenment through screen printing practice has been developed.

Based with deep trust from overseas for over 50 years. MINO GROUP seeks for possibility future of screen printing spreading in different fields.


MINO INTERNATIONAL LTD. was established as a company in charge of the trading division of MINO GROUP in 1981, and conducts activities so that the customers can obtain information in a timely manner about screen printing as well as exporting and importing goods, while introducing the world's technology to domestic users and Japanese products to users around the world through our worldwide network that keeps pace with advances in technology.

A sister company of trustwell neotechnology Co., Ltd. Based in Taichung, Taiwan, a professional Screen Printing equipment and material solution provider.

TIC is a sister company of trustwell neotechnology Co., Ltd., is the most professional industrial mesh supplier. Their products are widely applied in food, clothing, living, transportation, etc.