CCD Target

Precision Punch/Drill

  • High precision automatic target search with material quick locking system

  • High Precision Servo Motor Control System

  • Punch Accuracy : +/- 0.020mm(PR-2003) ; +/- 0.025mm(PM-2011A)

  • Extremely fast punching action (0.55 ~ 0.65 sec./ hole for PR-2003; 0.90 sec./Hole for PM-2011A)

  • Super Powerful Punching Ability, Ideal for thick plastic materials or even thin sheet metal materials.

  • Acrylic(PR-2003)/Aluminum(PM-2011) holding plate for easy material positioning

  • Chrome plated tabletop, very strong for good scratch resistance

  • Special Lighting system for easy target recognition

  • Special durable punch head mechanism which allows quick tool-set changing (within 1 min.) and adjustment free

  • User-friendly control interface with Color TFT LCD monitor

  • FESTO pneumatic system for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance

Extremely accurate, Very fast, Very easy applications for high-precision target/tooling holes punching on plastics sheet/board or metal sheet/plate. Robust design for easy operation and maintenance. The most reliable working partner for making Target Holes punch/drill.