Screen Printing Machine


We can provide customized Fully Automatic, 3/4-Matic, or Semi-Matic Type High Precision Screen Printing Machines made by MINO Group, Japan with our turn-key technical support for the applications in LCD Panel, Touch Sensor Glass/Film, Back-light Panel, IMD/FIM/IML Plastic Foils, Flexible PCB/COF/TAB, PCB, …..etc.

Please contact us for more details information: trustwell@trustwell.com.tw

MINO Access – Series

High precision 4-post system screen printers

  • Super stable mechanism design with table repeatability accuracy within +/- 0.005mm

  • Super high accuracy for the most professional printing requirement

  • Touch-screen programmable logic control interface for screen printing parameters’ digitalized setting

  • With MINO SPME(Squeegee Pressure Mechanic Equalizer) system, make the Squeegee Pressure Setup the easiest job for even inexperience operator.

  • Fully Automatic Transporting System can be integrated according to the sheet material’s characteristics , please contact us for detail information.

Roll to Roll.png
MINO Roll to Roll – Series

Most advanced high precision Roll to Roll fully-automatic screen printer especially for TAB/FPC/COF/ITO Film/Conductive Film materials.

  • Fully Automatic Computerized CCD Fine Registration System

  • Max. material width up to 1000 mm

  • Special transportation design for running ultra thin(min. 0.025mm) and wide material without giving any tension stress which causes the material damage.

MINO FPM Film Print Master
  • Specialized in Thin Film Sheet to Sheet Handling

  • MIP registration, Fully Automatic Computerized CCD Fine Registration System

  • Anti-Scratch Device

  • Inspection Feed Back system

  • High speed operation satisfy the market needs