Advanced Thermoforming Technology

trustwell neotechnology co., ltd. had started to conduct the sales of High Pressure(Pneumatic) Thermoforming System in 1997, especially for FIM/IMD/IML(Film-Insert-Molding/In-Mold-Decoration/In-Mold Labeling) process applications. We had started to cooperate the local machine-manufacturers to custom-build the Pneumatic Thermoforming system since 2005.


With our long term experiences of the multi-functional equipment sales and technical services in many industry fields, we had optimized the performance of the thermoforming system to the leading level in both productivity and accuracy(in both 3D Geometry Sharpness/Flatness and Pattern Registrations) in the world.


Our thermoforming technology has been production proven by those top FIM/IMD/IML manufacturing specialists in Europe, US, Japan, India, Turkey, Singapore, Korea, China, Thailand, Brazil, and Taiwan.


In 2011, we started to cooperate with Hsin-Chi Machinery Co., Ltd. as our close partner to further develop the Advanced Thermoforming Technology for the applications of Plastic Sheets, Metal Sheets(Surface Embossing and 3D Forming), and Composite CFRP(Carbon-Fiber-Reinforcement-Plastic) Materials for Automotive Interior/Exterior parts, Mobile Phone Cases, Home Appliances, …etc.

HA-P(S) Series
  • Custom Hydraulic Clamping Power: 50Ton ~ 1000Ton

  • Stage Size : Up to Max. 1200 x 1200mm

  • Stage Open/Close Stroke: Max. 600 mm

  • Fully Programmable Forming Processes with Multi-Material-Preheat Functions(with both Non-Contact IR Ceramic Heaters and Upper Contact Heating Plates) Setup according to the sheet material’s characteristics.

  • Please contact us for more details information:

DM-20 Series Hydraulic Trimming Machine
  • 20 Ton Digital Control Hydraulic Clamping System (Motor: 5HP x 6P) with

  • Stage sizes :

  • W400 x L300mm / W600 x L500mm / W650 x L600 mm

  • Stage Opening Stroke: 100 ~ 280 mm

  • Mechanical Precision Bottom Dead Centre Adjustment

  • Closing Down Speed: Fast- 100 mm/sec.; Slow- 5 mm/sec.

  • Open Up Speed: 100 mm/sec.

  • With Safety Light Curtain Sensor at front side.