Cleaning Machine


The ideal cleaning answer to:

  • Optic-Electronic Industry:Cleaning for the Cutting, Coating, Laminating, Printing, Assembling, or Checking Process of  TFT-LCD, STN, TN, LCD-TV, Light-Guide Panel, Touch Panel, Polarize Sheet, Diffuser Sheet, Reflective Sheet, Prism Sheet, Glass, Optics Acrylic Board,….etc.

  • Printed Circuit Board: Cleaning for Cutting, Exposure, Laminating, Printing, Drilling, Punching, and Checking Process of Copper Foil, FPC, Membrane Switch, FTCC, MLCC, Green Sheet, PET Film(Art Work Film) Material,….etc.

  • Thermoforming Process: Pre-cleaning and Static elimination of the plastic sheet prior to thermoforming process.

  • High Precision Screen Printing Process: Cleaning for Cutting, Coating, Film Lamination, Exposure Process of Metal Name Plate, PC/PP/PE/PET/PMMA Film, Labels, Stickers, FPC, Acrylic Board,…etc.